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ForeverJournal Full Version
Version 2.0

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Forever Journal Features
View Screenshot It looks like a real paper journal! Click on the screen shot to zoom in!

- Unlike a paper journal which can be found and read, this system protects your intimate writings with powerful encryption technology.

- You can choose your paper color, ink color, and other fun settings! Want your journal to be dark purple with pink text, no problem! :)

- Create multiple journals for different writings, each can have it's own settings, icon, and even the titles of your journals are encrypted so you can enjoy freedom of privacy.

What's New in Version 2.0

Emoticons - Over 100 cool emoticon graphics and an interface to quickly add them to your writing. Brighten up your journal with the occasional smiley face. :)

Pictures - Add pictures to your journal and optionally put cute little frames on them.

Printing - You can now print your journal, all pages, a range of pages, or just the selected text.

HTML Exporting - Export your journal to HTML to make a web page of your journal in a few clicks.

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Download Current Release:
Version 2.0
fjournal.exe 4.8 MB

Requires Windows95/98/ME/XP, Windows 2000, or WindowsNT (4.0 service pack 3)


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